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Saving Money!

Using our specialized software, we can design the absolute best solar system to fit your needs.

Electric Bills Are Rising!

Utility rates continue to RISE each and every year. Now is the time for you to tear up that electric bill and GO SOLAR before electricity rates get even higher! Kick your electricity provider to the curb and make them PAY YOU instead!

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We Make The Process Simple!

Solar Wolf Energy is there at every step of the way. We'll walk you through the process step-by-step, from the initial plans to the permits and paperwork. Our solar installers will determine the best design for your home or business while maximizing federal, state, and utility incentives. It's time for you to take advantage of the sun's powerful energy, gain financial freedom, and finally eliminate that forever rising electric bill!

Solar Panels Sales & Installation

Professional Solar System Design

Solar Wolf Energy is a nationwide residential and commercial solar energy installer with years of experience that provides customers with the power to be off-grid or just offset their electricity bill for financial independence.

Professional Solar Installers

Experienced Solar Panel Installers

Solar Wolf Energy is managed by associates that are well respected in their locations and trades. Our members have their roots sprouted in the latest energy-saving construction, execution & methods since 1994.

Solar Panels Sales & Installation

Solar is Clean & Renewable Energy

Clean, renewable energy sources bring us cleaner, healthier air and water. They also make us less dependent on imported energy and advance our economy. Now is the perfect time to invest in Solar and your future!

Solar Wolf Energy Ranks #427 On The Inc 5000!

Joining the ranks of the coveted Inc 5000 is truly an incredible honor but joining the top 500 has left us speechless. Congratulations to our dedicated team of passionate professionals.

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