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Solar Wolf Cares About Their Customers.

After receiving quotes from a few national "name brand" solar installers I'm glad I decided to go with a smaller local company. Although the thirty panel array in a single sheet on the roof seemed simple, my install ended up more complicated than anticipated and I don’t believe an indifferent corporate salesman in California would have cared to get the job done right.

Talking with Nate during the initial consultation was very informative and helpful. I had dozens of questions ranging from simple solar concepts to hardcore technical details and he responded clearly and intelligently to each. He also helped me understand the true costs including tax benefits, energy savings and the SREC system and why the OTHER companies were trying to cash grab on my potential profits by offering a lump sum up front. It’s much better to sell the SRECs yourself and Solar Wolf set me up with all the proper accounts and paperwork required.

The wait after signing up was the most painful part but eventually install day arrived and went smoothly. A structural engineer said we needed to sister the rafters in the attic to handle the additional load and that required tearing out an unused room. Again, Ted and Nate reassured me they’d get it done. The install was at the peak of summer in August so the work was hot and miserable but the crew was professional, clean and efficient regardless. The panels were wired through the attic so no ugly metal conduit runs down my roof. I also chose the black LG panels to match my dark grey shingles and the finished system looks simply amazing.

Because the inspector in my town refused to do business through email the authorization to interconnect to the grid took a few extra days but it’s been a little over a month of electricity provided by the Sun and I couldn’t be happier. My first bill after installing the panels was NEGATIVE $41.40 and starting in January I’ll be getting hundreds of dollars per month from the Solar Renewable Energy Credits I’m generating.

Do your research and get multiple quotes but at the end of the day, sign with Solar Wolf because they’ll be cheaper and care about your home and the finished system.

5 Stars
Adam Fehnel East Weymouth, MA
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