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More Than A Business, It's A Relationship!

After doing much research, we chose Solar Wolf Energy because there were some key values that stood out to us over all the other companies. Certifications, experience, perfection, safety, following all laws, codes and inspections, long term commitment and a sense of family. That’s what stood out to us and now a year after installation and that’s what we’ve witnessed.

Solar Wolf Energy worked with our town in acquiring all required permits. They followed every code, had the town inspectors come out for inspection throughout the entire process. Safety starts with their employees during installation, continues to the homeowner and extends to local fire officials by informing them with everything they need in case of an emergency.

When Solar Wolf first came out to our house, they listened to all our concerns, requests and needs. They designed a system that met what we asked for and never pressed us to make any decisions. They gave us the literature and encouraged us to do our homework and research before committing to anything. They were patient and understand that this is a big decision. The end product is beautiful, not an eye sore. Every panel is perfectly straight without any visible wires. Inside the house the equipment and wires are perfectly straight, neat and organized.

Solar Wolf Energy truly believes in what they are doing. They want to help people in lowering their energy costs and stand by their product, their installation and their agreement. Solar Wolf Energy isn’t about getting your money and writing you off after they’ve installed your system. With Solar Wolf Energy the job never ends for them. They continue working for you, monitoring your systems productivity and will contact you if something doesn’t appear right. They are always there for you and continue to answer any questions you may have, They make sure your systems software is always current and will perform software updates as needed.

When you sign on with Solar Wolf Energy, you know them and they know you by name. You’re not just hiring a company to come do a job for you, you’re signing on for a long term relationship!

5 Stars
Matt Boudreau Assonet, MA
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