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Great Customer Service!

After some due diligence and one very negative experience with Sun Run I selected Solar Wolf to install my solar panels.

After the very first meeting with Ted I knew Solar Wolf was the right choice for me. Ted is very thorough in explaining all of the ins and outs of solar panels. I walked away comfortable knowing that all of the questions I asked were responded to in a accurate and professional manner.

His team is fantastic. His project manager reached out to me to inform me of the process and the documents I needed to sign. Several days later one of the guys showed up to verify that my roof was intact. They worked diligently and quickly not wasting my time at all.

Within a week or so we had an installation date. Had I not been taking a vacation at the time of the original date, the entire process end to end would have taken approximately 4 or 5 weeks. Compare this to my first encounter where I was told that in July I would need to hurry if I wanted the panels to be installed before the start of 2017.

On the day of my installation I was told that the team would arrive at 7:30 AM. The doorbell rang at 7:25. There is nothing I appreciate more than timeliness! The team did it's thing and at the end of the process you would have never known that anyone had been at my house. The guys left the work area spotless.

I can't say enough about Solar Wolf. They are truly committed to providing a great customer service experience!

5 Stars
Stephen Farnum Everett, MA
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