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Finding The Right Provider.

I had been looking to install solar for a number of years and talked to most of the top vendors in the space. Most of them wanted to lease me a small system and did not really seem flexible in designing a system that would meet my needs.

After a lot of research I opted to purchase the system rather than lease. Solar Wolf not only designed a bigger more complex system, their quotes were significantly less.

I live in Plymouth MA and working within our town can be a long and drawn out process. I believe it surprised the team from Solar Wolf how complex getting through the process was. It took them a little longer than normal because this was the first install in town for them and you need to cut your teeth at some point.

However, as frustrating as waiting can be Ted did keep me informed with weekly calls and emails every time something was either resolved or arose. Even with all this from the day I was first contracted by the company to the day we turned on the system it was only 92 days.

I would recommend Solar Wolf to anyone interested in Solar for your home!

5 Stars
Paul Comras Plymouth, MA
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