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An Impressive Team Effort!

First let me thank you for a great job installing solar at my home. From the get go when I met Dan ( Elvis) and he explained he could do a 100% system he had my attention. I did my research and was more than impressed this could be accomplished. I'm glad I gave Dan the chance.

Next came your installers. Both Ray an Angel were great guys to deal with. Very professional and not afraid of hard work. The time they stayed late was much appreciated!! They were very patient when I showed them the chases for the flex EMT to be run internally in the walls. I provided as much access to those locations as I could and installed mule tape for them as well as snaked down to make it a little easier. Not having EMT on the outside of my home is a BIG plus. Great workers...all of them.

The inspections were a breeze as was the flip over. It was a great feeling not to totally reliant on NGRID for my power which was my goal to begin with. I know Taylor had a lot to do with all the arrangement of this and she did a great job with the coordinating of all individual people involved.

Yesterday there was an issue with the connectivity of one of the Inverters and Taylor sent out Mary who was very pleasant to deal with. She had it up and running in minutes.

The overall experience with Solar Wolf Energy was great. Efficient as well as very professional. I know as a business owner myself that when I get feedback on any of my installations it worth its' weight in gold. Good or bad feedback results in more referrals which is more jobs etc.

5 Stars
Marc Tancrell Blackstone, MA
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