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Solar Energy Rebates & Discounts

Solar Energy Rebates & Discounts

The Renewable Energy Tax Credit provides tax credits to offset the costs of purchasing solar systems for your home or business. Specific incentives include: a 26% tax credit for photovoltaic (solar electric) and solar thermal systems (solar water heating), concentrated solar power and solar hybrid lighting.

A Tax Credit is not to be confused with a tax deduction—credits are a direct credit against taxes owed. If you overpaid taxes through withholding, it would increase your rebate. If you underpaid taxes for the tax year, it would directly reduce the amount you owe. Using solar energy can save you money and reduce your direct impact on the environment. Financial incentives are available to help you achieve your goal of energy independence and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Some states also have federal AND state credits available. Ask how Solar Wolf Energy can help you sign up for your local tax credits!

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