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Solar Warranty & Maintenance Plan

Solar Wolf Warranty & Maintenance Plan

Solar Wolf recommends an annual preventative & equipment maintenance service plan that includes monitoring/reporting, inspections, system repair, spare parts handling and warranty administration. Our service plan keeps your equipment efficient & profitable with ongoing inspections and ANNUAL CARE!

Each of these activities are summarized in the Preventive and Equipment Maintenance Service table below.

Annual Care
Solar PV Module Inspection
  • Inspect for cracks or damage to panel, wiring or frame.
  • Inspect for dirt, environmental debris, vegetation, or other shading.
String Inspection
  • Inspect for damaged connectors, loose wires or retaining devices, & grounding issues.
Racking & Mounting Inspection
  • Inspect mounting system for damage, corrosion, and loose connectors.
DC Electrical Inspection
  • Inspect DC homeruns run for damaged/loose wires, debris, other damage, or conduit issues.
  • Verify disconnects and validate latch integrity.
Inverter Inspection & Maintenance
  • Inspect inverter for corrosion, adequate ventilation, exterior damage, & environmental seals.
  • Inspect all incoming and outgoing DC, AC, or data wires for wear or damage.
  • Complete manufacturer recommended annual maintenance activities.
Disconnect Inspection
  • Inspect disconnect latches & seals, validate disconnect functionality.
AC Electrical Inspection
  • Inspect AC electrical from the inverter, through the disconnects, or building electrical system for damage, wear, and functionality.
On Going Care
Monitoring Inspection
  • Inspect existing monitoring systems for functionality as applicable and per manufacturing guidelines (includes inverter level).
As Needed Care
System Repair & Spare Parts Handling
  • Report, diagnose event, & provide estimate for repair or replacement.
  • Replace fuses, terminal box, solar panel, inverter, or other major component repair replacement including disconnects, combiner boxes, etc.
  • Resolve single wire issue between module & combiner box.
  • Resolve ground wiring issues and ground faults.
Warranty Administration
  • Administer all defective components and file warranty claims. In the event that a component is under warranty, charges will apply to manufacturer. Any uncovered labor or parts will be billed as specified in this agreement.
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