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Solar Wolf Energy Roofing Services

Solar Wolf Energy Roofing Services

We've Got You Covered, Literally!
If you’re going to have guys on your roof, why not get a second service up there at the same time? Solar Wolf Energy not only installs solar panels, but they can also give you a whole new roof! This integration makes for a streamlined process incomparable to roofing contractors OR our competition with solar panels for sale. By having SWE do your roof, we can offer pricing that others cannot match, a quality no one can duplicate and a warranty no one dares challenge.

What’s more, Solar Wolf does work with ALL roof types and roofing materials. From a tin roof, metal roofing or rubber roofing, to replacing popular asphalt shingles or that hard-to-come-by slate roof, we’ve got you covered!

New Roof Cost Benefits through SWE
Aside from quality, convenience and selection, there’s another advantage of choosing Solar Wolf for your roof repair. We built upon the trusted relationship we have with our solar energy financing companies and are proud to offer "True Zero Down" roof financing for the complete process—from permitting and warranty paperwork, to install and debris removal. Piling on the savings even more, if you do a solar power system with us while doing your shingles and more, you will cut another 30% from your roof replacement cost by adding it to the Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This is a limited offer that other roofing companies and solar installers can’t necessarily provide!

Are you interested in talking with a SWE rep about saving money with a Roofing and Solar Panel bundle? Send us a message below!

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