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Solar Warranty, Repair & Takeover

Solar Warranty, Repair & Takeover

What Do These Companies Have in Common?
  • SolarCity
  • Direct Energy Solar
  • One Roof Energy
  • NRG Energy
  • Sungevity
  • Twin State Sun
  • American Solar Direct
  • Constellation Energy
Each One Is Out Of Business!

Not long ago, there was a solar boom. And like any trend, these tend to level out in time. That time is now. The solar industry became a game of survival of the fittest, with solar bankruptcies or companies like SolarCity being acquired. These changes left existing customers in a lurch. What do they do about solar panel maintenance…solar panel repair…solar panel warranty claims…insurance claims?

SolarCity customers, for example, now technically have Tesla solar panels. SolarCity customer service calls come in so fast and furiously that Tesla solar often waives their exclusivity for maintenance/repair. Another example: an NRG Home Solar lease—Those binding contracts are still enforced, but work is typically subcontracted locally.

That’s where we come in. In the game of solar evolution, we’ve survived. Not only survived—but THRIVED. We can offer you peace of mind that that solar warranty you were guaranteed remains alive and well, with us.

As a factory-authorized company for Enphase solar systems and SolarEdge systems, we can seamlessly take over any work you may need done on your solar panels. We can guarantee that transition because Solar Wolf Energy isn’t going anywhere. We’re 100% financially solvent, prepared to ride out any fluctuations in the industry or economy.

You want changes to your pre-existing solar system? We can do that too. As a financially stable company with market longevity and experience, we can adapt any new solar panels, solar batteries or monitoring system to your current solar system.

Bad Solar Installs

Another common issue we've seen arise with current solar owners or leasers is UGLY SOLAR INSTALLATIONS. We can fix that, too. Solar Wolf Energy will gladly come check out an install from another company— even if they are still in business, and you just don't want to deal with the bad solar company's B.S. anymore! Solar Wolf is all about making the solar industry what we know it can be: One with integrity, honesty and beauty!

Homes Purchased with Solar Panels

Along the same lines, let’s say you just moved into a new-to-you home with a solar array. Maybe you don’t know how to properly monitor the system. Perhaps you notice a problem in a solar panel’s production. Where do you go from there? RIGHT HERE!

We’ll take over the work from wherever you need us to. The minute we start work with you, we start a binder for your ADDRESS containing any and every piece of information relevant to your system. That way, if this house is not your forever home, you and the next homebuyer can have a smooth transition (and it’s a great value-add to the home-selling process!).

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