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Wolferize Your Home: Protect Your Home from the Roof Up

Wolferize Your Home: Protect Your Home from the Roof Up

In these uncertain times, peace of mind at home is critical. After such a turbulent year, our homes have become more central to our lives than they have been in generations. We’ve learned that working, learning, shopping, eating, and even attending functions can all be done out of the home… And we’ve been reminded that the people most precious to us; those we want to protect and provide for, are there as well. 

The more time we spend around the house, however, the more we notice problems that have gone overlooked for too long. Spending so much time at home means we’re all using more energy than we used to, and many people are finding their energy bills are out of control. What’s more, homeowners are realizing that the roof they live under is riddled with structural issues, water damage, and compromised insulation - resulting in surprise expenses, frustrating phone calls and searches for service, and valuable time wasted. 

If you’re a homeowner with a family, you know it can be incredibly stressful to balance routine expenses with finding a trustworthy contractor to take care of unexpected repairs, all while making sure your family is comfortable and content. When your attention is consumed by the work your home needs and the costs that follow, it’s hard to focus on what really matters - spending time with those you care about!

Solar Wolf Energy is joining forces with our sister company, Roof Wolf, to offer a solution that will reinforce the integrity of your roof and add equity to your home, all while saving you thousands of dollars. With the Wolferize Program, we combine the power of the sun with the superior protection of GAF roofing standards, reinforcing the integrity of your home while freeing you from the burden of rising energy rates. This cutting edge program is unlike any other in that it combines solar installation with a brand new roof, for savings that no other company can offer. If you choose to go green with Solar Wolf, we will install a brand new roof under the area your system will sit on, for pennies! With the Wolferize advantage, we will install your new roof for just $0.50/W, based on the size of your solar array. For example, if you decide a 6 kW system is best for your home, we’ll Wolferize your roof for just $3000! This innovative plan boasts an impressive return on investment and incentivizes the proliferation of clean energy, because the bigger your solar array, the more affordable your whole-home reroof will be. So, if you decide to eliminate your energy costs by covering your roof in solar, you can also completely replace your roof with the highest quality materials, for the lowest rate in the industry - guaranteed. 

At Wolf family of companies, we know peace of mind comes from security, and security comes from quality. Let us transform your energy expenses into assets, and reinforce your roof while we’re at it. We’ll focus on protecting your home from the roof up, so you can focus on what matters most - those living under it!

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