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Coming Soon: Our New Solar Service Subscription Program!

Coming Soon: Our New Solar Service Subscription Program!

Solar Wolf Energy is excited to announce our newest offering, debuting this Spring: the Solar Services Subscription Program! Our goal with this program is to provide expert repairs, maintenance and monitoring for existing solar owners whose original installer no longer exists. After extensive market research, we know there is a serious need for solar system repair and maintenance, and it is our privilege to offer expert care to homeowners who feel left in the dark!

Despite the growth of the solar industry, a number of installers close their doors every year, leaving customers stranded if anything happens to their system. Many existing solar installers are reluctant to service another company’s system out of liability concerns. As a result, there are thousands of customers who have a solar system on their roof that is in need of repairs or upgrades - or may not be producing any energy at all. After making the substantial investment to go solar, every homeowner deserves to feel sure that if anything goes wrong, there are resources available to fix it. There is a gap in the availability of service for those who went solar with a now defunct company. We intend to meet this need, which is why our new program will be available for any solar owner who can no longer be helped by their original installer. 

The program is designed to make it easy and affordable to keep your solar system in perfect working order, even if you had a bad experience with your original installer, or you’ve been trying to get your system serviced for months with no help in sight. For just $10/month, you can rest assured that expert help is just a call or click away. After signing up with us, we send a Master Electrician to your property to do a full evaluation of your system and diagnose any existing issues. Armed with extensive knowledge of every type of panel, inverter, and optimizer on the market, we’ll design a custom profile for your system, so we know exactly what to troubleshoot for and how to care for each component. Your first two service appointments will be completely free of charge - a $500 value! System monitoring is also available to anyone who doesn’t currently have it or is unhappy with their current monitoring.

We are already the trusted installer for hundreds of happy residents throughout New England, but we know there are so many solar customers who are disappointed with the experience they had elsewhere. As part of our philosophy to lead with honesty, transparency and integrity, we want to make right what other solar companies did wrong. We strive to become the “Go-To Guys” for solar service and repairs. As clean energy infrastructure continues to proliferate, the need for extended service will grow. It is our hope that our services will also increase the entire community’s confidence in solar, and dispel the preconceived notions perpetuated by unethical companies who don’t prioritize their clients.

Did you go solar a while ago, only to learn that the company who installed your system was nowhere to be found when something broke? Or, maybe you had a great experience with a sales rep, but the guys who showed up to do the install did a sloppy job and left you with a bad taste in your mouth. Whatever the reason is, Solar Wolf Energy is here for you. Starting next month, you can contact Solar Wolf Energy and ask about our Solar Services Subscription Program - we’ll get your array working, producing power and saving you money, and you’ll never have to worry about your system going down again! Keep an eye out on our social media and website for updates about this program. It will be going live in Spring 2021!

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