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Stormy Weather and Home Battery Storage

Stormy Weather and Home Battery Storage

That time of year is in full swing! Central Massachusetts amassed a whopping 13.8 inches of snow on February 1st, almost beating the 1898 record for 14 inches in a single day. Worcester, MA has actually been ranked the snowiest city in the United States this winter! In total, we’ve accumulated about 53 inches of snow since winter began. Did you lose power during the massive snowstorm that blew through New England this week? If so, you’re not alone. About 4,000 households lost electricity this week, and while most of them have been restored by now, it’s important to consider what we can do to mitigate the damage that massive winter storms can wreak on our communities. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts that New England will continue to be hit with larger than average snow storms and cold temperatures for the rest of the season, so we need to brace ourselves for potential winter weather risks. Solar Wolf Energy provides powerful resources for protecting your home from outages, and helping to shrink your expenses in the process!

Having solar energy on your property is a great asset, but it doesn’t keep your lights on if the grid loses power. If your family needs electricity for critical devices such as nebulizers or CPAP machines, or you need to keep life saving medicine chilled in the refrigerator, losing electricity isn’t just an inconvenience - it can become a serious emergency. Utility companies can prioritize households with pressing health needs to turn their power back on first, but if a catastrophic weather event occurs and the utility can’t come help until the storm is over, it’s important to have a backup option. That’s where battery backup comes in!

Our favorite whole-home battery backup to recommend is the Generac PWRCell Intelligent Home Energy Storage solution. What we really like about it is how it is customizable based on each home’s consumption demands. This resource can be used with one single battery module to start up appliances such as air conditioners or refrigerators, and combining several modules to make a complete PWRcell system can support your whole home for essential electricity use, up to 9kW. Low-consumption households can utilize the smaller 3-module configuration for 8.6kWh of storage capacity and 4.5 kW of output; perfect for a small home or supporting a few key appliances. Larger homes can harness up to 18kWh of capacity and 9kW output by combining 6 battery modules. If you want to fully eliminate the risk of power outages and rely on a “whole home backup” solution, opt for 2 battery systems for up to 36kWh of storage and 11kW of backup energy! 

The best way to optimize your value with battery backup resources is to pair them with solar. When you have a solar energy system installed on your property alongside a storage solution, you can greatly reduce your electricity costs. If you install a battery backup system on your home, you can charge it with energy from the grid, but that’s all power you have to pay for. You’ll always be paying to use power from the grid - it’s essentially an infinite commitment to paying a bill, and you have no control over the rates set by the utility. If you combine a battery solution with a solar energy system, instead of purchasing power from the grid, you’re constantly charging your batteries with free energy from the sun. After you complete your payments for your energy system, you’re left with a renewable resource that will provide you with free, safe, reliable power for years to come. 

It’s never too late to start thinking about ways you can protect your home from weather emergencies… But it’s never too early, either! Winter might be here to stay for the next few months, but you can get started planning your journey to blackout-immunity by contacting Solar Wolf Energy for a free solar plus battery storage consultation today.

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