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Why Telling The Truth Is Paramount For A Business

Why Telling The Truth Is Paramount For A Business

In a time when statements and stats can be fact checked in an instant from a plethora of media devices, it is crucial to be transparent. When a company hides the truth or worse deliberately misinforms, it chips away at the customers belief in not just the company but all the associates of that company. In home improvement this is always a large concern. It is specifically why sites like Home Advisor or Angies List were created. The simple truth is sites and companies like this should never have had to be created in the first place. If everyone did the work, gave fair quotes, and was transparent, no one would need to be charged a monthly or yearly fee just to have access to us reputable companies.

Seeing as how we can no longer trust the media, we cannot help but wonder how long it will be before we cannot trust these "screening" companies too. What if there was another way? What if a company started out and held it's most important mission statement (being honest and transparent) to a daily high regard. Each day that company made sure to uphold that law? There is an old saying we like here: "Always tell the truth, and you will never have to remember what you said"

At Solar Wolf Energy, we are held strongly by our rules. We believe our integrity is our best asset and the best form of advertisement. We understand it takes a little longer for an honest company to grow and scale "the ol fashion way" of being punctual, working hard, looking customers in the eye and executing. However, it is what we intended to do when we became "America's First Open Energy Company"
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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