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Go Green with Us for St. Patrick's Day! Join the #SWETrashTag Challenge to Make Your Community Greener!

Go Green with Us for St. Patrick's Day! Join the #SWETrashTag Challenge to Make Your Community Greener!

This March 17th is one of the most iconic holidays for Irish Americans, or just anyone who likes wearing green - St. Patrick’s Day! To initiate the festivities, we want to encourage our readers to participate in a challenge that will help make our world a little greener. A lot of organizations share tips on going green for St. Patty’s, but we like to mix things up here at Solar Wolf. We want to start a trend that will motivate people to get outside, make contact with nature and develop a sense of stewardship and responsibility for their local environment. Read on to learn more!

There are a lot of ways you can go green for St. Patrick’s Day - many people recommend making small lifestyle changes such as swapping old light bulbs for new energy efficient ones, swapping paper for cloth whenever possible, or replacing faucets and showerheads with new low-flow ones. Of course, you can explore your options for going solar as well, which will make a much bigger positive impact for the planet than small swaps around the house. Adding a solar energy system to your property is one of the single most effective ways you can dramatically reduce your carbon emissions while saving thousands of dollars in utility expenses over time. 

These are all great ideas, but we have one that is more interactive! Spring is right around the corner, the snow has almost completely melted, and flowers and trees are starting to bloom. When was the last time you looked at the condition of your neighborhood or favorite nature spot? It’s probably been a while, since we’ve been dealing with blistering cold for the past few months! Now that it’s starting to warm up, there is a perfect opportunity to get outside and assess your community. Do you notice stray trash, dead vegetation debris, or built up sand and salt making your cul de sac look run down? Maybe your favorite dog park or your childrens’ playground hasn’t been taken care of in a while, and there’s a lot of litter making the place look ugly and unsanitary, or the grassy areas around your local shops have been hit with piles of garbage tossed out of passing cars. It’s not a good look! 

We’re kicking off a social media challenge to get people excited about cleaning up their neighborhoods, parks, or anywhere green that needs a little TLC. We know you didn’t do the littering, but it’s on all of us to take responsibility for our public goods and keep them in nice shape! If you’ve seen some green spaces in your community looking dilapidated and soiled, this is your call to action! We want to nominate you for the #SWETrashTag Challenge. 

To participate, simply grab a trash bag and some PPE like gloves and a mask to stay safe. Be sure to handle litter with caution and use a grabber tool when possible to avoid touching potentially hazardous or contaminated items. Get together with your family, friends and neighbors, or just go solo! Make your way through your neighborhood, nature trail, dog park, playground or other grassy spot, picking up as much trash and debris as you can. When you’ve successfully cleaned up your area, take a picture showing off your handiwork! We want to see clean, revitalized green spaces and trash bags full of litter, ready to be properly disposed of. Post your photos on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #SWETrashTag and tag a few friends to nominate next! 

If we all participate in the #SWETrashTag challenge, and nominate at least three other people to take action cleaning up their own communities, just think about the impact we could make! By cleaning up litter and beautifying our outdoor spaces, we make these areas safer and more accessible for plants and animals to thrive there. We also help boost neighborhood property values, reduce public health risks, and generally make our world a more welcoming and happy place to live! From the Solar Wolf Energy team of litter obliterators, we hope you have a wonderfully green St. Patrick’s Day, and that you do your part to make your community a little greener as spring progresses!

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