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Solar Wolf Energy selected as Solarize Mass Plus Yarmouth PV Installer for 2021!

Solar Wolf Energy selected as Solarize Mass Plus Yarmouth PV Installer for 2021!

After a lengthy review and interview process, Solar Wolf Energy is excited to announce that they have been selected as the preferred photovoltaic installer for the Solarize Mass Plus Yarmouth campaign! Solarize Plus Yarmouth has assembled a team of local volunteers to review, onboard and collaborate with the selected installers; the offerings presented by the selected installers will be available only to Yarmouth residents during the Solarize Plus Yarmouth campaign. 

Founded on the principles of honesty and transparency, Solar Wolf Energy brings more than just expertise to the table. With over 25 years of combined experience in electrical, construction, roofing, and energy efficiency technology, residents of Yarmouth can look forward to reliable customer service and installations of superior quality. Solar Wolf Energy is proud to offer SunPower panels to the residents of Yarmouth at the most competitive rates on the market, thanks to a long-established strategic partnership between the local installer and the national manufacturer. Their ability to offer SunPower products for well below market rate is a unique opportunity for participants of Solarize Plus Yarmouth. SunPower is the best solar equipment manufacturer in the country, and this is the first Solarize campaign to feature SunPower as a base model, meaning Yarmouth homeowners will have access to the best energy production and monitoring equipment available, at a fraction of the standard price offering. Combining the quality of a SunPower panel with the aesthetics and efficiency of a Solar Wolf Energy installed system is the perfect recipe for energy independence! 

In addition to the standard offerings provided by Solar Wolf, the installer is also experienced with more unique projects such as ground mounts, systems on slate and wood shake roofs, carports, and more. Solar Wolf Energy has installed several systems throughout the Cape Cod community, and is familiar with the process of meeting with historical societies, conservation commissions, planning and zoning boards.  

Along with Solar Wolf Energy, Solarize Plus Yarmouth has selected South Shore Climate Control to be the air-source heat pump installer for 2021. Solar Wolf Energy and South Shore Climate Control will be working in tandem with Solarize Plus Yarmouth to deliver the highest quality clean power and energy efficiency services available to the community.

Yarmouth residents can look forward to a “Meet the Installer” event coming soon, where locals can get acquainted with the selected installers and start learning about how much money they can save on their electricity expenses by switching to solar or air-source heat. This will be a virtual event set for April 22 at 7 pm. For more information on this event, stay tuned in to the Solarize Yarmouth hub at www.solaryarmouth.org.

Solar Wolf Energy would like to thank the Solarize Plus Yarmouth Team, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Green Communities Division of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources for the opportunity to bring affordable clean energy technologies to the residents of Yarmouth. Solar Wolf Energy is honored to be a part of the Solarize Plus Yarmouth campaign, and eager to get started. Let’s make this the most successful Solarize campaign yet!

For Yarmouth residents who would like more information on the program, feel free to visit: Solarize Yarmouth Home Page

You can also direct questions to solarize@yarmouth.ma.us or call 508-776-1914.

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