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This Saturday, June 5 is World Environment Day! Celebrate with Us!

This Saturday, June 5 is World Environment Day! Celebrate with Us!

As proud tree-huggers and nature lovers, our Wolf Pack is excited to ring in World Environment Day on Saturday, June 5th. This international day of observance, organized by the United Nations, is centered around raising awareness for the environment and what we can do to heal it. This year, the theme is “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.” and employs the hashtag #GenerationRestoration to emphasize the UN’s campaign to prevent, stop, and reverse environmental damage around the world. 

The official event schedule for World Environment Day can be found on WorldEnvironmentDay.org. It includes a youth assembly, which will emphasize the role that younger generations will play in restoring the planet’s delicate ecosystems. It will also include panel discussions on CO2 capture and sequestration, nitrogen management for sustainable agriculture, soil pollution, transitioning aquaculture operations back to mangrove swamps, restoring people’s relationships with the nature around them, and “ecopreneurship”, or sustainable business ventures, among many other engaging opportunities for collaboration and learning!

The #GenerationRestoration campaign aims to empower people around the world to take action against climate change, pollution, deforestation, and other environmental problems over the next decade. Their website, DecadeOnRestoration.org, platforms the efforts of groups across the planet, and provides educational resources on different ecosystems. Some of the most recent restoration projects they’ve highlighted include work to restore ecosystem connectivity in Australia, reforestation in Borneo, and cultivating seagrass in the oceans off of Europe and the UK!

In addition to the collaboration and learning opportunities afforded by the events that will be taking place, the #GenerationRestoration hashtag is taking SnapChat, Instagram and other social media by storm. People from all corners of the globe are using the hashtag to show the world what they’re doing to clean up their communities! Some people are sharing environment-inspired art, while others are showing what plastic-free swaps they’ve made around the house, documenting their local ecological restoration efforts, or talking about an ecological issue that is particularly important to them.

We encourage you to join us in participating in World Environment Day this weekend! Take a look at the websites we mentioned above, participate in one of the panel discussions, or share a photo of you in your favorite natural area to join the conversation. We hope you learn a lot, have fun, and get inspired to make a difference for Earth!

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