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Bottle The Sun and Enjoy Peace of Mind - Never Lose Power Again!

Bottle The Sun and Enjoy Peace of Mind - Never Lose Power Again!

Bottle The Sun and Enjoy Peace of Mind!

A Nor'Easter recently hit New England and knocked power out for 1000's of people. Cape Cod got hit the hardest with some people still without power. Can you imagine being without power for days or even a week! That could mean a life threatening ordeal for some people who absolutely rely on power for medical reasons.

For everyone else it's a giant headache. You can lose all your food in your refrigerator, have no running water, and even worse for some people - NO INTERNET!

With SunPower Solar and SunVault Storage, you can never lose power again!

Whole Home Power Outage Protection

SunVault's seamless backup kicks in automatically in the case of an outage, providing energy to power your essential appliances—such as keeping your lights on or running your refrigerator. The SunVault intuitive app lets you customize your settings while providing realtime information on storage and home energy usage.

Power outages are unpredictable, inconvenient and disruptive. They are occurring more frequently and lasting longer. During a power outage, you'll have no lights, no refrigeration, no Internet access, and in some areas, no water. But when you have the SunVault, you stay comfortable and your home is safe. SunVault will automatically send power to the appliances that need it most, allowing you to power more than just the essentials during a utility power outage. This battery system can generate 80% more continuous power than competitive units.

Electricity rates & power outages are increasing.

Electric utility rates are on the rise, with no relief in sight. In the last 10 years, rates have increased 14%. Paying more for electricity can prevent you from investing in the things that matter the most to you, such as:

Dream Vacation
Home Improvement Projects
Financial Freedom
Child's/Grandchild's College Fund
Retirement Savings

Additionally, the electrical power grid continues to age, making it less reliable and more susceptible to power outages that can leave you without lights, refrigeration, Internet access, and in some areas water. You need an innovative solution that will power your home, lower your monthly electric bill and help you prepare for power outages.

Technical Details

Compact footprint allows for a sleek, minimalist design with fewer boxes on your wall.

  • Continuous Power: 6.8 kW
  • Rated Energy Capacity: 13 kWh / 26 kWh
  • Energy Storage System Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 26 x 63 x 15
  • Hub+™ Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 17 x 46 x 6 (surface mount)
  • Seamless transition to backup and back to the grid
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi and cellular
  • 10-year warranty
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use

Home Batteries Provide Energy Independence

Batteries paired with a solar system are essential for energy independence! Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on, phones charged, and no puddles under the fridge. You can rest assured that even when your neighbors lose power, your home will still be humming!

Reach out to Solar Wolf Energy to set up your no cost analysis with a professional energy consultant today. Get started and request your FREE quote below.

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