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The Important Role Of Batteries In Solar

The Important Role Of Batteries In Solar

So it goes without saying that solar is a great decision both environmentally and especially financially. As the day goes on your solar arrays (panels) collect and distribute power to your home. Excess power is then sent back out to the grid. Some states which have "Net Metering" will let you receive funds or credits depending where you are for the overage you do not use.

What about at night though? No one is making lunar panels (sarcasm) yet so......"What do we do?"

Well, there are batteries available for just this occasion. During the day while your panels are overproducing while you are at work and not much is being used all day, if you have a battery system your battery gets charged. Later that day when you come home and the sun is going down as you finish dinner, instead of the meter starting to clock and ring like a cash register for your utility provider you are instead drawing from your battery! If adequately sized you can draw off your battery all evening and potentially live "off the grid" while still being essentially tied to it. Solar batteries for the moment are still on the high price side. They will come down in time as does everything. However, it is clear the need for solar battery technology is real, it's worth it, and is gaining serious traction all over the world.

Imagine someday 30 years from now when people say "What do you mean that house doesn't have a solar PV system and a battery?" That will be the equivalent of saying "You still need to get up to change the channel at your house?" Today
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