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Solar Wolf Energy - Sometimes We Have Nothing To Do With Solar

Solar Wolf Energy - Sometimes We Have Nothing To Do With Solar

The title is alarming! What? SWE the leading educational solar company that was the biggest advocate to uncover the pitfalls and fraudulent behavior in solar leasing sometimes has nothing to do with solar?

Well, yes. See today we attended a charity event. It wasn't about energy savings, it wasn't about us helping people make a better investment choice about their home. It was about helping kids. We were one of the sponsors for a charity that is for "Hope Kids" We in part helped fund this event because as much as we love solar, when you think about it who is the effort to leave a greener earth for? Children. Some of the children don't get the opportunities most have. These are the ones with illnesses. None of that is fair. No child should ever have to spend a large portion of time in a hospital. We believe in this. We were thankful and felt lucky to be a part of this great day today.

However the truth is today isn't enough. We cannot once in a while sponsor and event and feel good about ourselves and beat on our chests thinking we changed the world. We want to help. We want to help with more resources, more people, and more often. So we are reaching out to you, our followers, friends, vendors, subcontractors, and customers. Do you have a charity you work with? Does it need assistance on any level? Let us know.

We want to continue to make efforts to help everyone along the way. You can message us at info@solarwolfenergy.com or me directly at Ted@solarwolfenergy.com. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with some of you in the future.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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