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Running a Transparent Solar Company Pays Off For Solar Wolf & You

Running a Transparent Solar Company Pays Off For Solar Wolf & You

Time and again, we meet homeowner's after solar company XYZ has just tried to sell them a lesser product for more money. At times MUCH more money. This isn't a rare occurrence. Often as we have grown now it has become a daily occurrence. Leaves me asking, why? Why do some of these companies feel the need to rip off people, overcharge them, and take advantage of them? Why not set a business model that will bear fruit through positive transparency and consistency?

This is our model. I am sure if there were more shareholders at SWE other than Chris and I they would be screaming at us to probably follow suit of the competition. However, we believe that we can service a greater amount of people through offering a better product with a lower cost. This business model lasts and has to this day never been bested. How could it possibly get any better for the end consumer?

If you could purchase a Cadillac but only pay a 1985 Reliant K car price. (You know you owned one in high school or college, we all did) I may have just shown my age there but the point remains the same. We build and offer real value, coupled with unparalleled passion for research and learning about the constantly upcoming technology. Even some of our customers become affected by our love and way of business and stay with us in the loop emailing, messaging after the system is installed just to speak with us about what we are doing!

We must be doing something right and because of this we are not slowing down. The "Wolf Pack" is growing a dozen families a week strong, consistently. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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