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Home Energy Batteries

Home Energy Batteries

Right now is a good time for homeowners. There is a frenzy going on with companies that manufacture home solar / batteries.

It seems each week a new company pops up and promises better technology, warranties in a smaller footprint taking up less space in your home. What we really want is the price of these to come down. Right now they are on the high side and consumers don't know who is really worth their salt. Simply Googling a company can give you biased ideals on what it is they are trying to sell you and their technology. Who do you turn to?

You turn to us! Solar Wolf Energy is a mouthpiece for the homeowner. We are transparent about energy and we were one of the leading companies that lead the fight on and exposed the solar lease and the hidden liens and UCC filings on people's homes. Now we turn our attention to home batteries. Have a question about what size you need? What company to go with? Pricing? Contact us, we will just as we have been all along give it to you straight. The good the bad and the price!
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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