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 Just Stop It. You Know Who You Are!

Just Stop It. You Know Who You Are!

We meet lots of people that have either had solar installed or are about to have it installed that have price quotes from some "less than honest" companies. What exactly do I mean?

What I mean is the companies out there that are using obsolete equipment. You know who you are out there. The companies that are in commercial solar and decide to one day take a stab at the residential market. Sure when you are installing 3,400 panels it may make sense to you to install the cheap crap, the "last year's model" because you got it on clearance. C'mon though, the homeowner you are selling too deserves better than that. How do you expect to continue to have a successful company if you are willing to tarnish your name forever simply for today's profits?

You have an unspoken duty to your customer and yourself. Treat each customer like you would want a potential company to treat your grandmother. A little cliche sure, but a great way to gain perspective. After all in all industries, actions speak louder than words.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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