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Being The Biggest DOESN'T Mean Anything!

Being The Biggest DOESN'T Mean Anything!

Some of the larger players in solar will often have their sales teams tell homeowners "We are the largest" or "You don't do as many installs as us and not become the best". This sounds good to the untrained and uneducated ear. Uneducated to the power of marketing and branding.

What am I saying? Simply put in another light, if I have a company that makes lighters, in order to scale and grow I need to make the best lighters and grow steadily right? Over time I will grow because folks will realize my lighters are better. Bic or Zippo can make a lighter that is only 60% as good as mine, get sued and thousands of complaints and yet 'Be the biggest" and outsell me.

How does this happen in the solar industry? One word. Obscurity. This will happen in any industry. For the purpose of our blog I will stick to solar. In business the single most important thing is to turn a profit. That is the original idea to create a business. No one says "I want to start a company to make people smile and lose all of my own money and be held accountable for potentially millions more".

So let's get back to the point, If you have a solar sales person in your home or business and they have to rely on "We are the biggest"...Right there, they just had to resort to that because they didn't show you the value the company offers. Instead they relied on past accomplishments and branding.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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