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 The Management Behind A Solar Company

The Management Behind A Solar Company

Who are you purchasing your solar service and equipment from?

It goes beyond the sales person you are dealing with. Perhaps you haven't noticed the excessively high turn over rate in this industry. Well, I can assure you it is a problem. Why? A large reason is because there are owners and management that are just in this industry because there is a flooding of demand for it. They come and go and will be on the train to something else when it pops up. Also once competition becomes more difficult it always weeds out and separates the sales people from the business people. When sales associates work for someone like this they know, it is their job to sniff that out. It's why they are salesmen / women.

When a solar company is run by a sales person it is effective but in short spurts, like a sprinter. When a solar company is run by a business person it thrives and becomes the turtle in the race. They run them from a financial standpoint of liquidity and not appearance. You need to remember when you are thinking about going solar, if this company will be around in a few years. You should track the upper management's history. You wouldn't buy a solar system from Bernie Madoff would ya? Of course you wouldn't.

Do some research, after all it's going on your home and a purchase that you want to make sure you are backed up and surrounded by a marathon team that is transparent.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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