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Embrace the Naysayers!

Embrace the Naysayers!

Keep saying "I'll wait til it gets cheaper"...while your electric bill keeps going higher.

Don't buy solar but keep complaining about the 30% ITC tax credit, the one that the "taxpayer's are paying for" Yea, that is great, your neighbor went solar and you didn't so he is getting the huge tax advantage and you're merely complaining about it. Listen we are all paying for it anyway, what are you waiting for?

"But the panels only last 20 years" Said who? Where people coming up with this? There are some panels that were used by NASA in the 80s that are still being used and tested for lifespan and efficiency.

"it's a fad" Yea, a fad that is eliminating people's electric bill.

"They don't work it's a hoax" Yep! You should listen to your own advice and just let the opportunity pass you by.

These are genetic naysayers from the ones that said natural gas was, electricity was, and magnets. These people have life figured out alright. So if you still think gasoline engines are a hoax and steam is the way to go, then by all means, PLEASE DON'T GO SOLAR.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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