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Solar Wolf Energy Debunks Solar Myths

Solar Wolf Energy Debunks Solar Myths

It seems as of late the myths and "ol wives tales" are getting more and more ridiculous. This is alarming because you would figure with the internet and solar rapidly growing they would become extinct. Our CFO decided to take a moment away from spreadsheets and payroll while in between our quarterlies to review and hopefully put to bed these so called "truths" of the less educated about solar.

1. "Putting in solar will deplete the sun / reduce photosynthesis" This had to make you laugh. It is frightening to me that there are people out there that think this. Solar arrays are not a vacuum. They don't pull more rays out of the sun, they simply use what is already being put out

2. "Your roof will catch on fire" Really? The painful truth is, majority of roofing in this country is asphalt shingle and the color is black. I know most people don't go on their roof in August when it is 100+ degrees out, but I assure you the panels take in the sun and break it down in their process. Asphalt roofing shingles however retain heat, and because black reflects back minimal light more often your shingles are hotter than the panels.

3. "Solar is too new / arrays don't last long" Yea I guess solar being around since the 50s IS new and untested. These are the same people that bought and rebought the hoverboards for their children. (Those things are a fire waiting to happen lol)........Gimme a break

4. "You need to fill a football field of solar to make it worth it" First of all....WTF? Where do people get this information? Broken down, it actually does not take that much to significantly reduce your electric costs. Depending on where you live, between the incentives and cost per watt you are paying, it is essentially more like "How can you afford not too?" A 7K system will cut your bill between 100-to over 200 again depending on your geography

5. "Those rebates are taxpayer's money that could have gone elsewhere" Although technically this is true, let us be honest for just a minute. Where would this money have gone? To a program that no one would use or know about? Possibly overseas? Mhm. Let us just accept it and use it before it does get sent somewhere else. We should be glad the funds are being used by American taxpayer's. As the old saying goes: "We should hope they never find life on another planet because the US government will probably send our money there too"

6. "The technology will be obsolete in 5 years" This may happen but not likely. However the folks that have been saving $250 a month on their electric bill for the last 5 years aren't having resentment and wishing they waited. If this is your belief then you should probably call up your utility provider and ask them to increase your electric bill right this very minute! You don't want to be obsolete on underpaying do you? Folks if this is your conclusion then by all means keep trying to predict the future. Let me remind you that solar panels have been around for over 50 years and are being used by NASA. Ever notice the people that state this are the same people still using a Blackberry and a TV that sits on the floor with wood around it? The CEO at the electric company thanks you for your procrastination.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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