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SolarCity Cannot Afford To Supply Batteries Upfront

SolarCity Cannot Afford To Supply Batteries Upfront

Here's how Solar city & Tesla just proved to everyone they have no real long term vision. The vast majority of SolarCity's customers are leases. SolarCity touts how they can put more panels than needed on the client's roof and sometimes offset their bill. Okay, but the financially intelligent (and often capable) folks didn't lease their solar, they bought it. So they will be the purchasers of batteries. Chances are Solarcity pissed off these people already by trying to overcharge them or talk them out of purchasing and into leasing so they won't be buying the Power wall.

Back to Solarcity, if these people leased their solar with no money down and have the payment dropped what is their initiative to get a powerwall from Tesla? Why do the customer's care about storage? Certainly neither Tesla nor SolarCity can afford to go back to these same people and say "Hey we will again front the cost on these powerwalls and install them for free." Now of course SCTY would want to do this because they (now being the utility company for the customer after they put as many panels on the roof as possible and negated the bill anyway to now only have the customer pay them the newly "agreed upon price per watt") but guess what? They cannot afford it. Actually SCTY cannot afford to put gas in their vehicles and have made their employees take the car back to the office at the end of the day and no longer allow them to take the cars home. Not all but most.

Back to the point, Solarcity sells leases to the lower end financially speaking folks and have already hung their carrot on the stick of no installation costs, what would they say to those people that already went solar to get them to NOW go battery?

Even more interesting, the best state to sell batteries is Florida. A state that has made it illegal to lease solar and SCTY has done terrible in.

For a company that made the big splash about home energy storage AND has their very own plant near a lithium mine they are already getting beaten by a German company "Sonnen Batterie".

For a company that is burning the financial candle at both ends, it appears the ideas are not coming from a place of strategic and strength but from panic and too much hustle without thorough thought. You have to wonder why the other larger players in the leasing space didn't follow the plan...or do you?
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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