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 Back up Batteries Are Full Of Hot Air (So Far)

Back up Batteries Are Full Of Hot Air (So Far)

Solar battery backups are the savior right? Not really. To be honest they are kind of a let down so far. Software issues, capacity and storage rates. This doesn't even include the elephant in the room. The ridiculous cost!

Folks, the cost of these is outrageous. When an 8K battery is 10,12,15, or 20 grand that is far too much. Now I know the pro battery folks are thinking "Shut up Wolfie" but let's be honest. I was the guy calling bullshit on solar leases and calling out the 'big guys" on losing a shit ton of money and probably looking to file chapter 11. (Sunedison anyone?) Want to take a guess which companies are next?

Now I am back to do you all a solid again. Anyway, back to the overblown and over promised battery market. I have been telling you guys to wait. Sit on your hands with the batteries and wait. Enjoy your solar panels, enjoy saving money, and I guess you could enjoy watching people overpay for something you will end up buying in a few years anyway if you are into that. Bottom line? It's too soon, wait Wolf Pack. Let the lemmings and guinea pigs test drive the market and overpay.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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