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Being Right About Solar Leasing Adds Major Value For Solar Wolf Energy

Being Right About Solar Leasing Adds Major Value For Solar Wolf Energy

Good evening Solar Wolf Pack. I wanted to take a minute to humble brag about Solar Wolf timing the market and calling out the bullcrap about solar leasing.

Now I want to be clear, there is a time and place where leasing out your roof works. These times however are becoming less obvious and less advantageous. About a year and half ago I made statements on Youtube, our blog, our social media that leasing was dying. Leasing companies COULD NOT maintain their way of business because they are losing too much money. We also vehemently shouted that they would switch to selling solar and significantly reduce their position on leasing.

Fast forward to Q1 of 2017. The largest solar company in America "Big Green" had to be financially rescued by a battery company (oddly enough that is also losing billions of dollars annually but that is another blog for another day) The largest solar leasing companies are now doing what? Filling your Facebook and Twitter feeds with ads about purchasing solar for your home. Just like we said. When we were making these claims we had so much hate mail, threatening messages, and prank calls. All the while we knew.

We continued to make our advertisements about purchasing solar and the benefits over leasing. Long story short, in little time we have become a trusted adviser, being sought after for our views and finally being contacted for our predictions. Well now here is another prediction. I have studied the financials of these companies, and????? They will be broke even faster now. Solar Wolf Energy also commonly bids against these companies every day in people's homes across America, from New Hampshire to Texas and there is one major factor that has lead me to this prediction. They are so far financially behind the "regional installers" (a term used to describe a solar company that sells / installs in one or two states) that they cannot compete on a dollar for dollar cost or sale. This is very strange when you consider two things.

1) These large companies buying in massive bulk and some have their own manufacturing materials, how can they not be price competitive?

2) How is it that Solar Wolf can expand and become a nationwide company and still maintain a debt free liquid balance sheet, yet others borrow millions from institutions and the the govt?

Well, I know but I am certainly not going to give free lessons to the so called experts. So there you have it, some of these larger solar companies will crumble faster now than ever. In a few years there will be a massive turnover. This leads me to close with this. Be careful who you go solar with today, because a warranty from a company that is being run by people that have to borrow money to keep the doors open is a bankruptcy waiting to happen.

Choose wisely, thanks for your time
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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