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Solar Wolf In 2017

Solar Wolf In 2017

As 2016 wraps up I look back at our company, the people that have come in and improved it and the people that have improved our company by leaving as well. It is amazing what 12 months can do, can teach us, or how much time can test us.

Our 2016 revs have been completely obliterated by the goals we set at the end of 2015. Our new significantly higher target is one that I would have thought have been just unattainable last year for 2017. Well here we are, a few days away and our schedule for some states is booking already into MA.

That brings me into another aspect, growth. We have expanded rapidly into states across the country. I have spent a large amount of my time flying and driving around this amazing country and getting to meet with some really life changing people. We have been asked to speak at a keynote this year for renewables, we plan to expand into a few more states rounding out our reach to 20 states. Truly making us a national competitor in the big space. This year I will spend between 80-100 days in the air flying, our staff is projected to grow another 300%, and our sales...Our sales will far, far exceed 8 figures.

We cannot be more excited to responsibly take a seat at the big table this year by doing all the little things most companies won't bother to do.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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