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Solar From 35,000 Feet

Solar From 35,000 Feet

It never ceases to amaze me as I am fortunate enough to view our great country from the air with the amount of solar we have installed both as a company nationwide but also as an industry.

What is even more troubling is the amount of solar that is not installed but no doubt should be. Some locations and entire states where there is minimal or almost none at all. This as both a parent of children and as a founder and financier of solar projects / companies. I think the shift shouldn't be focused currently on coal vs solar but rather solar availability versus government / municipality power companies having a stronghold on their citizens. For obvious reasons I'd rather not say where, we have spent some time in the last two quarters in areas where it seems nearly impossible to execute a solar program.

It is mind blowing that this goes on in 2017 at all. I know some of you are fully aware of what I speak of. If the new administration should focus on anything about energy in the years to come, it isn't the increase or decrease of production and or incentives for existing renewable friendly states. Instead, it should be focused on the tearing down the walls that limit great folks that have the want, needs, and resources to help our environment but are handcuffed and cannot.

This is something I feel should be discussed more in the media, it is after-all potentially the only way these walls may come down is if they receive the attention they deserve.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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