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Renewable Energy Sweeping USA

Renewable Energy Sweeping USA

Over the past five years, electricity prices have certainly increased in USA. The use of non-renewable energy sources like coal begin used for generating energy has decreased as many homes are going solar. The use of solar energy by both residential and commercial housing have certainly increased. As for natural gas, high production levels have still not been able to keep costs down. Occasional price spikes can be observed especially during the winter.

Wholesale power prices are more closely correlated with the price of natural gas than retail prices, especially in the recent years. This being said, several wholesale price spikes have certainly contributed to the increasing costs in electric power. During the previous year, many homes have reported an increase in electricity bill by 8%. Last winter, natural gas pipeline constraints caused power prices in New England to spike for a few months.

These regional factors have undoubtedly affected the national average price of electricity. With non-renewable energy resources like coal depleting. Renewable energy is sweeping USA. Many homes are going green by implementing the use of Solar Energy. With the onset of offshore wind energy hitting USA, its a great time to switch to renewable energy. Renewable energy is not only cost effective but also environmental friendly. Moreover, wind and solar costs are projected to steeply decline in the years ahead.
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