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Solar Industry, Let's Cut The Crap

Solar Industry, Let's Cut The Crap

As an individual immersed in solar I often venture over to the informed folks over at Greentechmedia.com each day to stay abreast. True to form in this and like any other industry there are always foreclosures and bankruptcies. Lately there seems to be a common thread with solar companies in the recent weeks and it is time someone pull out the BS meter and let everyone know its way past pegged. This ration of "We blame the industry we couldn't make it because it's too cut throat or some other reason..." Really? Business is competitive you say? No shit.

It's designed that way for a reason, to weed out the posers and the ones that should never have taken VC money to begin with. Some of us cannot wait for a massive correction to so we can buy your equipment ten cents on the dollar and hand pick your best people. As for the latest "excuse" of why some players in the solar space couldn't make it, just own it and admit that you weren't watching your cash burn rate or cut costs when you should have. Probably because you thought you could just go back and raise more VC money.

Blaming others because your business went bankrupt when your specific industry is having an explosion only seconded to the dot com era and the housing market of the early and mid 2000s isn't fooling anyone.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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