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Tariffs Are Coming, So Is SWE's Growth

Tariffs Are Coming, So Is SWE's Growth

So the 201 ITC passed with a 4-0 vote. That was the surprise. Now it goes to Trump's desk which I suspect will pass again. Now the variable is and perhaps all that ever mattered is: $.

Let's be honest it's the only thing that matters when we are discussing this. If it's a few pennies, no big deal. If it's as requested, it's no big deal. Wait, what? Well for those solar companies that have been waiting for something like this and waiting in the weeds like Solar Wolf Energy, this is exciting. I for one hope it is the full amount. However only for us as a company. As an industry it will have a huge effect unfortunately. I don't want skilled workers losing their jobs. I certainly do not want the amazing strides in renewable solar to cease.

Again, what I do like is the massive opportunity that is coming for us as a company. Our people, their dedication, our discipline is about to pay off. "Bigly". Sorry, couldn't help myself there. Back to the point. If for the last few years you have all these companies in solar just bleeding money and not waiting for an opportunity like this....well then these CEOs and CFOs of these companies are about to be exposed. Right now we are living in the largest shift of fake business people and wantrepreneurs and solar for the most part has been sheltering these people. I think the tide is about to go out for these companies.

As Buffet said, "It's only when the tide goes out that you can see who has been swimming naked" I welcome this and for our customers past and present, it's an exciting time for sure.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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