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Trade Commission, Solar, & Cost

Trade Commission, Solar, & Cost

I believe for a business to scale it must abstain from politics in order to satisfy clients from both sides of the isle. With that said the following blog is about the govt and taxes so please, work with me here and try not to kill the messenger err blogger.

The current administration in the beginning seemed hell bent on killing renewables. The appointment to the EPA, trying several times to bring back coal (and failing miserably), and various smaller transitions throughout this past 12 months. So where are we today with all this? Well coal, lol, has failed and continues to fail on it's own without any help from nuclear, renewables or nat gas. Mr EPA has proven himself about as useful as winter jacket in the Sahara at noon...thankfully.

As for the Trump, he has apparently in Trump fashion managed to surprise everyone with this current 201 Trade Case issue. Recently the FTC or Federal Trade Commission has voted in favor of injury to the two FOREIGN companies that have begun this ugly unnecessary trade case. Most assumed that Trump would rubber stamp this and pass it because it is a tariff and would mean money in the govt's pocket from all places China. This would also cripple renewables which everyone seemed to believe was his main objective. Yet in a surprising turn of events he has put a two week hold on it and wants it investigated further. It would seem that he wants to know if the two companies that were "injured" financially from cheap imports abroad were in fact due to just that, cheaper imports.

It may be that as the SEIA lobbied, that both Suniva as well as Solarworld may have been financially irresponsible and just plum dumb. Strangely enough other companies have been able to pull this off in this country so it begs the question and thankfully President Twitter has the discipline to review it. We are hopeful that 45, an avid solar owner himself on several of his properties will get this right.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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