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Why Should You Go Solar?

Why Should You Go Solar?

You’re driving down the Mass Pike on a random Wednesday…Chances are, you see at least one (likely many more) vans, trucks, cars, etc. all lettered up, advertising for a solar energy company. Perhaps you’ve seen some Facebook marketing for various solar companies or even heard about solar in the news. One of the most basic questions a person may ask at that point is: Why should I go solar?

Of course, there are the obvious blanket responses of helping the environment and saving money long term. But there are a few other, more detailed benefits of going solar that some may not think about.

Solar Wolf Energy is committed to making our customers’ lives easier. Part of that includes offering financing that will make your solar bill ONE AMOUNT until the end of the loan term, which aids in budgeting household expenses. Therein lies another amazing advantage—there is an END DATE to your energy expenses. Generally your solar bill will replace your electric bill from the utility company, which varies by month and is an expense that will never end. Think of it this way: If you could have locked in the price of gas 10 years ago and eventually stop paying for it altogether, would you have done it?

Peace of Mind
With common utilities, you have one option from where you get your electricity. But solar gives you a competitive option. When you make the choice to generate your own energy, you can rest assured that even if the utility changes rates (which is does increase an average of about 4% each year), your bill will not waver. Furthermore, with the traditional utilities, you’re basically renting your power. You’re paying for it, but you don’t own it. With solar purchasing, you DO own it! Now that’s some empowering energy independence.

Increased Net Worth
Adding a solar system is like an addition to your portfolio. It is seen as a home renovation/upgrade, making your home and property worth more. As proof, homes with residential solar systems re-sell for higher. Studies have shown that buyers are willing to pay a premium of $15,000 additional for a home with solar, adding up to $4 per Watt of solar installed to your home’s value. Additionally, a recent study from Zillow proved that homes with residential solar systems sell for 4.1% more on average nationally, and they sell quicker!

Currently, the United States government offers a 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) for solar purchases; but this will be decreasing at the end of 2019 and will eventually disappear completely for residential installations. States and municipalities also often have their own rebates, such as a $1,000 rebate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Grid-tied systems also often benefit from what is called NET METERING, which takes the energy you produce during peak hours and applies the credits to off-peak hours when your home demands more energy than it is producing at that time. Net metering credits roll over; and at the end of the year, the utility empties your credit bank and pays you at a wholesale rate.

Then there are state-level solar incentive programs like SMART in Massachusetts that PAY YOU for the energy you produce. So not only does the investment of solar pay for itself in the long run, it pays you as well! You can’t get that on any other household expense, right? What’s more, the SMART incentive in particular transfers to the new homeowner should you sell the home, making it an additional asset. Read more about any rebates and discounts near you on our website.

All this, plus the fact that the average U.S. household going solar for just ONE year has the CO2 offset equivalent of growing 122 tree seedlings for TEN years (we could go on for days about the comparisons and equivalents regarding environmental sustainability benefits), but in the end you have to ask yourself one question, and it’s not ‘Why should I go solar?’—it’s ‘Why WOULDN’T I?!’
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