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An Inside Look At The Women Behind Solar Wolf Energy: Taylor Bennett

An Inside Look At The Women Behind Solar Wolf Energy: Taylor Bennett

Let’s face it—women are intellectually superior to men. (Just kidding…or are we?) At the very least, we know most households don’t make a big financial decision, such as purchasing a solar system, without the input of the female, be it for reasons of intellect or fear of a female’s wrath. That’s why we find it an asset to boast a large staff of women here at Solar Wolf Energy, balancing out our male employees. These smart, empowering ladies hold various roles in our organization, all integral in the day-to-day success of our business and vital to allowing us that oh-so-important female insight that we believe EVERY company needs!

For that reason, we wanted to introduce each of these amazing women and give them their well-deserved time to shine.

We’ll start with the one who’s been with the company the longest: Taylor Bennett. Taylor is a Senior Project Manager, but that title is a vast understatement in comparison to her actual roles inside the office and beyond.

Taylor received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2015, beginning studies for her Master’s during her senior year of college. Just a year later, she graduated with an MBA and a love for social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. Solar Wolf Energy was a natural fit for Taylor and her passions.

"I love working in the solar industry because it’s provides me an opportunity to contribute toward a meaningful cause—I have the benefit of helping our customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint, while contributing toward the overall health and recovery of our environment," Taylor says. "I’m a passionate believer that it is our responsibility to start implementing changes to ensure our environment is healthy for future generations and working in solar allows me to help work toward that goal."

As one of the main supervisors of all things Solar Wolf, Taylor believes her point of view as a woman has been a huge advantage for the Wolf Pack. Many-a-homeowner have recounted frustrating tales from a lack of communication from various contractors, but Taylor helps Solar Wolf rise above that noise and stigma by ensuring a positive customer experience with frequent communication, among other operational progresses.

"I think we can all agree that women typically are more organized than men. Being able to come in and look at the current operation and provide insight on how we can tighten up and streamline our processes has certainly made an impact on our growth," she said.

Clearly Taylor has had quite the influence on Solar Wolf Energy, but she’s not ready to rest on those laurels. In fact, she believes the entire renewable energy industry should be more open to women in all roles and responsibilities—and women being more open to those roles, as well—because it may perhaps help the whole field stand out, just as it’s done here at Solar Wolf.

"I’m optimistic that women will continue to join the solar industry in all capacities. Right now, the majority of women work on the office and operation side; however, I’d like to see more step into a hands-on role with the installations themselves," Taylor says. "I think it’s important to stress that women have a welcomed place in the trade of installing solar panels, even though it’s a male-dominated field today. I think having a wholesome, diverse mix of men and women across every aspect of a solar company is all that is missing to truly make this industry shine."

Want to hear more exclusive insights from the ladies of Solar Wolf? Stay tuned! Next we’ll hear from project manager Mary Starr, who may have a similar role to Taylor, but her unique point of view brings an additional level of remark-ability to the Wolf Pack.
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