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The Case of the Disappearing Solar Companies

The Case of the Disappearing Solar Companies

It’s like a Nancy Drew book or one of those murder mystery dinners that are so popular these days—except it’s real life. Solar companies are dropping like flies; and the gumshoes here at Solar Wolf have already gotten to the bottom of the case, ensuring they won’t become the latest victim of the elusive ‘Solar Coaster.’

Solar installation companies jump on the Solar Coaster when it’s at its peak, and once it crests, the low-hanging fruit go into freefall mode and that’s when the solar killer strikes. Just in the past year—or even the past few months—the solar competition is thinning. DC Solar is in the news today for its liquidation (they felt the need to start a Ponzi scheme in order to remain relevant in the industry). Then there is Suniva, who went the route of SolarCity and had to be acquired by a larger company in 2018. Speaking of SolarCity, they’re not doing so well in their ‘new’ home and are going to have to take drastic measures to stay afloat.

Sunrun, another of the supposed top solar installers this year (that’s only in market share, definitely not in customer satisfaction), is obviously not focused on the New England region—and may in fact be in the process of pulling out Massachusetts. Case in point: its MA landing page online, which lists the state-level incentive program as the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC), two incentive programs behind where we are currently, with SMART (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target).

Our breakthrough in the Case of the Disappearing Solar Company is simple. These “big time” companies scale too quickly or broadly for their means. They put the cart before the horse, and then have to sell them both. Perhaps they don’t have the means or desire to pay close enough attention to their service areas. And that’s our ‘A-HA’ moment. As a boutique solar installer, we are specialized to give current and potential customers the attention to detail that they deserve. This contrasts with many other national solar companies who become too big for their britches. Additionally, our owner did his due diligence and ensured the company is completely solvent with no debt before jumping on the Solar Coaster, ensuring that we can stick around for a long time to serve our customers. And with this outlook and insight, Solar Wolf Energy will continue to evade the solar killer. Case closed.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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