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An Inside Look At The Women Behind Solar Wolf Energy: Mary Starr

An Inside Look At The Women Behind Solar Wolf Energy: Mary Starr

Girl power is alive and well here at Solar Wolf, with new and exciting developments for the ladies! We’d like to extend a huge ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to Mary Starr, who was recently promoted to Senior Project Manager!

Mary’s leadership role within the company was hard-earned and well-deserved. In fact, when she started her job at Solar Wolf as an assistant PM (project manager), she had never worked in solar before. She did, however, have loads of experience from her previous employment as an executive administrative assistant at a non-profit organization in her native Pennsylvania.

What brought Mary to Massachusetts is also what got her interested in renewable energy. Her husband is a well-respected sales manager at a solar PV distributor whose job brought him to New England two years ago.

"My husband’s enthusiasm working in the solar industry helped push me towards working at SWE," Mary says. "Aside from that, I felt my skills and background would be beneficial to the company."

And she was more than right! Mary’s unique experience and insights have helped steer Solar Wolf to becoming the industry leader it is today. And thanks to her prowess, she is adding even more opportunities for women in solar. Her promotion left a vacancy in the project manager position which has been filled by yet another talented female, who we’ll highlight at a later date.

Mary says this is just the beginning for women influencing the solar energy world.

"I think there’s a vital role in the solar industry for women in the present and future!" she says. "Women bring a unique perspective to solar. We may pick up on different aspects that men may overlook."

What’s more, accomplished women like Mary (and Taylor Bennett, who since our last blog was named Solar Wolf’s Vice President—congrats, Tay!), are busting through the glass ceiling and taking on even more crucial jobs and responsibilities in solar.

Speaking of important tasks, our next ‘Women of the Wolf Pack’ blog will highlight Tammi Pecha, whose title of "Bookkeeper" FAR underestimates the significant part she plays within Solar Wolf Energy.
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