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The Minimum Standard In Solar

The Minimum Standard In Solar

With SPI approaching in Utah rapidly it is time we discussed the very large elephant in the room. Apparently it is camouflaged because nobody seems to address it. Once again, I'll be the guy in our industry to take the hit. It's what I am known for. So what am I yammering about?

Let this be a very clear warning to all out there assembling and making modules for residential and commercial solar. It's time you stepped it up. I'm talking about warranty length. For far too long you have been teasing the industry with "performance warranty" Can we stop with this BS? How can you legitimately state that you will "warranty" a panel will be X efficient for 25 years but then clearly write on your submittal sheet that your replacement warranty is only 10, 12, or 15 years? Just. Stop. Why not state you have a 50 year performance? Who cares it's not like you plan on being held to that.

It is time. Those manufactures that already have the 25 year, thank you. Thank you from all of us within the industry and as customers. Those that offer it but require some paperwork to be submitted as a loophole, (you know who I am speaking about here) yea you.......really? Just stop already. I speak for the majority in saying that you are about to lose your market share. If you believe in your product , and you believe in doing better for our industry, it is time. Let's give the industry the lift and the public view it truly deserves. More importantly, let us give our customers and clients what they are asking for, really want, and more importantly...deserve.
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Ted "The Wolf" Strzelecki
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