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Solar Wolf Energy Launches Brand New Website

Solar Wolf Energy Launches Brand New Website

This week we are excited to announce that Solar Wolf Energy launched a brand new website! The goal of the new website has many facets which I will share with you all below. Beware, it might get a little technical.

Any Device, Anywhere
To begin with, we wanted the website to work flawlessly across any device whether it be a Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, TV, etc... People access information in many different ways so we wanted to cater to everyone as much as possible.

New Content
Solar Wolf had a vast amount of content that wasn't being utilized, therefore we wanted to showcase on the new website what Solar Wolf Energy was all about. We got rid of the annoying popups and focused on high quality content presented in a simplistic design. We'll list some of the new sections for you:

A vast picture gallery of the incredible Solar System Installations that we pride ourselves on. You will find hundreds of pictures of the Solar installs we have completed for our amazing customers.

Another valuable section is our reviews. You can now read the countless 5-Star reviews and testimonials from our own happy customers. Not only can you read our testimonials but you can submit your very own right on the website! Purchasing a Solar System is a big decision and you want to choose a solar company that meets your needs and keeps its promises like Solar Wolf Energy.

Solar TV is dedicated to those who like to watch rather than read. We produce all of our own videos in house at Solar Wolf Energy. We have amassed an incredible library of videos about Solar Wolf, the Solar Industry, and more! We have integrated with YouTube so you can watch all of the videos that we produce on our YouTube channel directly on the new Solar Wolf Website. Now how awesome is that?!

Solar Wolf University is a new section on our site where you can learn everything you need about Solar and the Renewable Energy industry. We'll be adding new lessons each week so you can stay educated and gain knowledge because we firmly believe that knowledge is power and we want you to fully understand what it means to go solar! PS: Going Solar truly is amazing!

The Solar Wolf Energy blog which you are reading right now has been completely redesigned from the ground up. The newest posts are obviously bubbled up to the top but you can easily find all our previous blog posts from the past by following the archive links that are ordered by month/year in the right column on desktop or down below on a mobile phone. All blog posts now feature high resolution images and look amazing on any device.

Getting a Solar System Quote has never been easier. You can fill out a simple form located on almost any page across the new website and Solar Wolf will be in touch within 24 business hours! We highly encourage you to reach out - Help us help you go Solar and we promise you won't regret it!

That is only a subset of what you can now find on SolarWolfEnergy.com

Getting Technical
Aside from all the awesome content you can now find on SolarWolfEnergy.com we focused heavily on various technical aspects.

The design features our company colors in a warmer fashion so they are appealing to the eye.

SEO is a building block when designing a new website and it was incorporated into every single decision and aspect of SolarWolfEnergy.com. After all, we want customers to find us so we can show you how amazing Solar Wolf Energy really is!

The design is modular - meaning if we see users focusing on parts of the site more then others then we can easily move things around to accommodate them.

Built on .NET Core and Compiled in C# for incredible speed. Microsoft recently unleashed their latest release of .Net Core 3.0 and we took advantage of it!

But Wait, There's More Coming...
This was only phase 1 of our new website. Now that the groundwork has been laid out and the website is running smoothly we will be working on even more features. Here's a peek at what else is coming...

Career Center: View and Apply for Job Positions at Solar Wolf Energy. See our workplace, share in our experiences, and hear from the team.

Weekly Newsletter: Sign up to receive emails about Solar Wolf Energy and the Solar Industry.

Solar Calculator: Punch in some numbers and we'll give you an estimate on what your Solar System could produce in power.

Customer Portal: Log in to review your Solar Quote, Solar Design, Installation Info, Contact Support, etc...

That's all for now. Be sure to check back soon as we'll be continuously adding more content and features to the Solar Wolf Energy website.
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Mike "Tech Overlord" Collette
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