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The Top 7 Myths About Solar

The Top 7 Myths About Solar

Solar power is the future and it’s one of the greatest growing and emerging technologies out there. However, because it’s new, there is so much misinformation about the solar industry. Let’s be honest we all know someone who thinks they’re “a solar expert” and they’ve never even worked in the renewable energy field.

Allow me to elaborate on the top 7 misconceptions about Solar.

1) Solar is a Tax Scam: (FALSE)
There is something called an Investment Tax Credit (ITC for short). There’s a misconception that other people’s tax money goes towards paying for people to go solar in the form of a rebate. However, I’ll need to highlight that this isn’t the case as it’s a tax CREDIT and not a rebate. You’re merely using this to decrease your tax liability and what you have to pay into Uncle Sam every year.

2) Solar is Too Expensive: (FALSE)
This is by far the biggest objection I hear about solar. If you do the math on what you’re going to pay on your electric bill (keep in mind it increases 4% every year) over the next 20 years and what you’ll pay if you choose to go solar, 95% of the time solar is the cheaper option. I’d have to say most of our clients here at Solar Wolf Energy are hard-working blue-collar individuals. You do not have to be rich in order to get solar. If you choose to finance a system you’ll generally get a lower loan payment that you can swap out for your higher electric bill. Also, that loan payment is the same every month which allows you to budget and take the guesswork out of what your electrical bill will be this month.

3) Solar Won't Work When It's Cloudy or at Night: (FALSE)
This is another one that I get fairly often and let me start off by saying Germany is one of the cloudiest countries on the planet and is one of the leaders in Solar Energy. Additionally, there’s something called net metering that essentially gives you a credit for the energy you produce and don’t use. You can then use it later whether that be at night when it’s dark or whether that be on a cloudy day. You can also take this a step further by introducing battery technology (which in some markets that have unfriendly net metering laws is what makes solar make sense).

4) I Won't Have an Electric Bill Anymore: (FALSE)
You will always have an electric bill with a grid tied solar system due to the fact that you will still have the connection charge. So, although your bill will be very small you’ll still have an electric bill. Also, just because you have solar doesn’t mean you can start leaving all of the lights on and put in a hot tub. Your solar system is sized for your load and electric usage at the time of installation. If you start increasing your electric usage beyond what the solar system was designed for you will end up having to use power from the grid and end up with an electric bill for whatever wasn’t covered by the solar system.

5) Wait Until Technology Gets Better: (FALSE)
Although technology is getting better there is nothing groundbreaking that is going to come out as far as panel and inverter technology. There are small improvements every year as with any technology but nothing worth holding off on going solar for. Additionally, if you choose to wait you'll potentially lose out on thousands of dollars in time sensitive incentives. If you don’t believe me, talk to someone in Massachusetts who went solar in 2016 and ask them about their SREC money. Then go and do the same thing with someone in Massachusetts who went solar in 2019 and ask them about their SMART money and your jaw will drop at the discrepancies between these two state funded programs.

6) Solar Doesn't Work Without State Incentives: (FALSE)
There are numerous states such as Florida where there are no solar incentives besides what the federal government provides that have a thriving solar market. Florida is one of the most active markets in the country and people are still going solar without any help from the state government. You can also look at a state like Massachusetts where the cost of power is so high that even if there were no state incentives it would still make plenty of sense to go solar just based on current electricity rates.

7) Solar Can Only Be Installed On An Asphalt Roof: (FALSE)
While it is true that most companies won’t install on anything but a asphalt shingle roof, that isn’t the case at Solar Wolf Energy. At Solar Wolf Energy we install on all roof types including metal and slate. Also we are able to do ground mounts should you not want your solar array on your roof. Fun fact: We are one of the only solar contractors in the state of Massachusetts that has and will install solar on a slate roof.

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