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Owning Your Own (SOLAR) Gas Station

Owning Your Own (SOLAR) Gas Station

In 1974 I was just turning 17 years old. My hair was long and my goals were yet to be figured out. Many do not know that this was the period of the gas crisis. Escalating prices and shortages were the bane of drivers of motor cars. I owned a 1964 VW beetle that was my pride and joy. I was on the verge of going to college for physics where my thoughts would change.  You see this was the era of gas lines and escalating prices. This was brought on by a combination of complacency that what you knew would exist forever and a power struggle for our energy future. 

Many times as I sat in line with a few dollars to buy a couple of gallons of gas, I would dream of owning my own gas station. What if I could be independent? What if I could drive wherever I wanted without wondering whether I would able to fill up? What if I had control?

I have the benefit of looking back. This allows me to use actual experiences to see the patterns in what is happening now. We are at a nexus point. A point where change is being nudged (I might say with a sledgehammer) in a new direction. A time where the financial bets are all being placed on one future. The electrification of the auto industry is here. EV cars are being built and dynamically expanding into our near future. Ford alone has promised 22  Billion dollars (billion with a B) investment into electric cars. Worldwide there is more than a trillion dollars being projected in dollars spent on change. It is happening with or without your consent.

Change provides opportunity. If you see what is going on and understand it you can gain control and plan a better future. Right now we have a unique set of circumstances. To create your own solar gas station you have federal, state and local funds available helping you to go solar. If only I had this same opportunity in 1974. How would my life have changed? 

Solar is going main stream. Like many industries in the past, as the industry becomes successful, the incentives will be lowered. That means you have an opportunity now that you will not see in the future. My belief is that Solar Wolf Energy can make a difference. Let us help. 

Solar Wolf Energy has a team that is surpassed by none in the industry. That team has led us to a reputation that is well founded in integrity and honesty. Solar Wolf Energy has a unique ability with our vendor partners to discuss multiple panel choices and different paths to the best solution for you. Would you like controls over your future?  Solar Wolf Energy offers that possibility. 

Ask us in to have an intelligent conversation about how we can help you have a better future. It is 1974 in some ways. You have a new choice. We are here to help. Consultations are free. Knowledge is shared. Respect is given.

Call Solar Wolf Energy at 888-878-4396 to set up your no cost analysis with a professional solar consultant or talk to one of our appointment setters via the Live Chat on our website. You can also request a free quote or send us an email on our contact page located here: Contact Solar Wolf Energy 

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Jeff Hickson LEED AP
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