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Solar Wolf Energy Is Still Thriving After The Pandemic!

Solar Wolf Energy Is Still Thriving After The Pandemic!

Solar Wolf Energy Is Going Strong!

The Covid-19 Pandemic caused a very difficult time for many Solar companies in the United States. A lot of Solar power companies have all but disappeared – laying off employees, leaving installations unfinished, and ceasing operations altogether!

However, that is not the case here at Solar Wolf Energy. In fact, we have been hiring and doing installations all throughout the Pandemic. We are bigger, better, and stronger than ever before! You will never have to worry about becoming an orphaned solar customer with us. We've got your back for 20+ years!

What are Orphaned Solar Customers?

This pandemic has unfortunately caused a lot of orphaned solar customers. A growing issue in our industry is customers being abandoned when their solar installer disappears or goes out of business. Unfortunately, the volume of these types of calls is increasing dramatically.   We estimate 75% of the our inquiries are customers looking for someone to service their previously installed system because the company no longer exists, while the other 25% are simply unhappy with their current installers level of service.

These types of issues begin when customers agree to do business with an installer, but failed to thoroughly look into them.  These companies were happy to take the contract and the customer's money under false pretenses and with empty promises of worry-free service for the next 25 years at no extra cost.  Unfortunately, once these companies got their money, they went off the radar, abandoning the customer with nowhere to turn when problems arise with their system.

If worse comes to worst and a solar company declares bankruptcy, it can often come down to their approach towards their failing products. Cheap prices may lure customers in, but what lies beneath are inadequate business practices and poor management. Reports suggest that solar companies go into liquidation when they repeatedly face claims due to poor workmanship, product malfunction or failure and are unable to rectify these.

Even with warranties, there are cases where the manufacturers will not honor them. When a shady Solar company tries to overlook consumer claims repeatedly, the liabilities stack up – more so if they are cheap, low-quality panels. Cheaper panels fail much faster and with the number of solar installations happening in the United States a company could be left with hundreds of failed system components at one time if not dealt with correctly.

This is usually when the company decides to declare bankruptcy, as it would cost them less instead of trying to replace a huge number of failed products. This leaves the customer with very few options for replacing their faulty product, often leaving them to scrap their current system and start again with another company. This is extremely costly for the customer but could be prevented by choosing a stable solar provider you can trust like Solar Wolf Energy!

Solar Wolf Energy Warranty & Service

A strong warranty is a good sign that the company is selling trustworthy products. You need a warranty for more than just the solar panels! Pay attention to your long-term warranties for the 3 components of your installation including:

  • The panels
  • The inverter or microinverters
  • Labor and workmanship

Solar Wolf Energy equipment warranties are 25-year or more, and we provide a strong labor warranty of 20 years!

Solar Wolf is a Honest and Trustworthy Solar Company

Solar is not viable in every situation. Under some conditions, solar panels can not produce the amount of power needed. Our Solar experts will inspect the area around your home for trees and other obstructions. You will never feel pressured into making a decision that is not financially sound. Solar Wolf will prove that we've provided verifiable data that will demonstrate that solar is a financially sound decision for your situation.

We have the knowledge and experience to custom-tailor a system that's just right for your home or business.  Above all, we know what it means to do a quality job no matter how many challenges we face. This has given Solar Wolf Energy a leg up on the local competition along with the personal touch that we use to guide you every step of the way when you decide to go solar with us.

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