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Jonathan Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers Releases Solar Energy Ballad; Calls Out Fossil Fuel Corruption

Jonathan Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers Releases Solar Energy Ballad; Calls Out Fossil Fuel Corruption

If you’re a homeowner interested in learning more about building equity, interior design, or trends in the housing market, you’ve probably flipped on HGTV and watched the Property Brothers before. Based in Canada, Drew and Jonathan Scott have made an international name for themselves with their fun and interesting program based around flipping houses. Drew is a licensed realtor who has an eye for diamond-in-the-rough properties that need some elbow grease, and his brother Jonathan is a licensed contractor who can complete all of the repairs and renovations needed to make these homes shine. This popular series has made the Property Brothers a household name, and Jonathan has used that recognition as a springboard to grow his career as a television personality into new fields, such as the energy industry. He is also an experienced musician with a long history of environmental advocacy, so this new endeavor came naturally to him. Over the past year, he’s been leaning into his activist side a little more, premiering his first documentary called “Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip”, and more recently dropping a new single to raise awareness about the corruption holding back the clean energy revolution!

Airing on PBS in 2019, Jonathan’s new documentary tracks his journey across the United States to meet with people from all walks of life. He investigates why clean energy continues to be out of reach for so many Americans, despite increased accessibility and lower costs over the years. Speaking with people who participate in many different areas of the industry painted a picture of a diverse assortment of perspectives on what’s needed to increase opportunities for solar development. Jonathan visited citizens of the Navajo Nation to learn how they constructed a utility-scale solar field; he conferenced with politicians pushing for national clean energy policy change, spoke with conservative Americans who want to go solar to cut ties to big government regulations; heard from religious leaders and other nonprofits who saw solar power as a crucial part of their missions to make the world a better place; and even career coal miners who were searching for a healthier, safer vocation. This objective analysis of the demographics who need clean energy to improve their livelihood made the case that transitioning away from fossil fuels is not a partisan issue: it’s something that will make the world a better place for everyone!

Jonathan’s goal in creating this documentary was to show the world that there are artificially created, inequitable barriers holding the public back from energy autonomy and independence. The sun is a public good that we all have access to, so it’s only fair that everyone has the option to utilize clean power from the sun if they feel it would be best for their property or community! The film was received positively, and news is already breaking that some communities have taken a lesson from it and begun planning new policies to make renewables a reality for more people. Over the past year since the film was released, North Carolina’s Department of Environmental Quality announced that Duke Energy, a massive electric company with powerful influence over the use of fossil fuels, would be leading the largest coal ash cleanup in the nation’s history, settling a number of long standing legal disputes between the energy giant and a variety of environmental and community action groups. Some of the sites that will be cleaned up were actually featured in Jonathan’s documentary! Additionally, Nevada voted to set a goal of 50% clean energy for the state by 2030, and amazingly, the city of Columbus, Ohio voted to establish a new community energy program that will enable their public utility to provide 100% of their energy from renewable sources by 2023! Jonathan Scott’s efforts to raise awareness for these issues certainly played a role in making change. These fantastic improvements in clean energy policy around the country show that our collective goals are within reach, if we focus on educating the public and putting the power into the hands of people! 

Outside of this informative documentary, Jonathan Scott just dropped a new single that sums up how many people feel about the current state of energy affairs. The song, called “Being Honest”, contains themes that everyone can relate to. 

“If I'm being honest - I'm angry and confused. You don't want to see the problem, I'm tired of that excuse… Cause if we're being honest, something's got to change! Enough is enough so wake up. We're all being played..." 

Scott sings about the rampant misinformation campaigns against climate science, and the longstanding denial and misrepresentation of facts by the fossil fuel industry. By putting the feelings of frustration that many clean energy activists feel into words, Scott was able to create a song that can reach both sides of the aisle. No one appreciates being lied to, whether or not they agree that clean energy is the best way forward. As more people learn about how fossil fuel lobbyists influence public policy and restrict the country’s freedom to access renewables, it’s going to get harder for oil and gas spin doctors to dominate the conversation on how we should power our society. In turn, more and more people will realize their preconceived notions about the potential for renewables may not have been totally objective, and the public demand for more clean energy options will grow! 

As America’s first open energy company, Solar Wolf Energy has always prided itself on transparency. Seeing a worldwide influencer raising awareness about how we’ve been misled about the harm that fossil fuels are doing to our planet, and how realistic renewable energy options truly are, has been inspiring. We hope that more influential people and public figures start voicing their support for solar and other clean energy sources - we’ve even got our own plans to speak out on the issue soon. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, because the sun is rising on a new day for renewables!

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