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Solar Wolf Energy Stands with Industry Leaders; Offers Reliable Employment in Tough Times

Solar Wolf Energy Stands with Industry Leaders; Offers Reliable Employment in Tough Times

AUBURN, Mass., Oct 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of an economic crisis that rivalled the Great Depression, the renewable energy industry shows promising opportunities for working class Americans. A new study that evaluates wages, benefits, employee organization, growth rates, and other key elements suggests that now may be an advantageous time to enter the field.

This month, the American Council on Renewable Energy, E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs, the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, and independent economic research firm BW Research collaborated to publish Clean Jobs, Better Jobs: An Examination of Clean Energy Job Wages and Benefits. This comprehensive study analyzed a number of jobs in the clean energy industry, such as renewables generation, energy efficiency, energy storage, grid upgrades, electric vehicles, and more to determine how the industry as a whole stacks up against similar jobs outside of the field. According to their findings, workers in the green energy industry earn about 25% more per hour than the national median wage. In addition, researchers concluded that the renewables industry is more likely to offer job security and benefits such as health and retirement benefits than the rest of the private sector! 

This study confirms what many employees in the renewables industry already know - that green jobs are a smart choice for anyone who is seeking a reliable career with great income and employee benefits. Folks in grid modernization and storage, energy efficient appliances and heating/cooling, wind and solar power are enjoying some of the highest average wages in the country. Specifically, people going to work in California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Texas are making 20% more per hour on average than their peers making the statewide median hourly wage.

Solar Wolf Energy is especially excited about these findings because our home state, Massachusetts, came in first with the highest median clean energy wages in the country! Coming in at a median wage of $29.84 per hour, Massachusetts is leading the way for gainful green jobs. This is critical right now because Massachusetts as a whole has been struggling disproportionately with unemployment. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost every aspect of our communities this year, and the economy certainly wasn’t immune to its damage. When unemployment rates due to lockdowns and business closures skyrocketed in every state, the Commonwealth was hit particularly hard. From April to September, Massachusetts’ unemployment rate was consistently higher than the national average - sometimes by as much as 6%! When this many people are out of work at once, the economy just can’t function as it should. Every Massachusetts resident felt this. While things seem to be picking up again, the aftermath of this momentous catastrophe has left thousands of people looking to get back to work, change their career path, or enter a field where they can earn more. Securing reliable employment is weighing on the minds of more members of our community now than ever, so the opportunity to transition into the renewable energy field could be life-changing for thousands of families.

As the spike in unemployment begins to soften and people get back to work, Solar Wolf Energy is excited to offer a number of job openings from their new headquarters in the heart of the Commonwealth. After moving into a 38,000 square foot facility in Auburn, there is now adequate space to accommodate a plenty of employees while still practicing social distancing. Solar Wolf Energy hopes to add over 100 jobs to the local labor economy over the next year, which will increase opportunities for more individuals to participate in the industry that gives back more to those who put their labor in.

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