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Solar Wolf Energy, South Shore Climate Control selected as Solarize Mass Plus Yarmouth Installers for 2021

Solar Wolf Energy, South Shore Climate Control selected as Solarize Mass Plus Yarmouth Installers for 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4/8/2021 - After a lengthy review and interview process, the Yarmouth Solarize Plus team is excited to announce that they have selected Solar Wolf Energy as the preferred photovoltaic installer and South Shore Climate Control as the preferred air-source-heat pump installer for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Solarize Mass Plus Yarmouth campaign! Solar Wolf has agreed to provide Yarmouth residents and small businesses with dramatic savings on their electricity bills by installing the best solar energy panels available today at an extremely attractive price. 

Solarize Massachusetts is a program sponsored by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Green Communities Division of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, focused around bringing residents affordable, reliable clean energy offerings and energy efficiency solutions. With a goal of increasing the number of small-scale solar energy systems across the state, and an emphasis on educating communities and empowering citizens to take energy independence into their own hands, the Solarize Massachusetts program enables cities and towns across the Commonwealth to select their own photovoltaics, energy storage, and air-source heat pump installers. To underscore the focus on local collaboration, Cape Cod Five will be acting as a finance partner for residents who take advantage of this attractive program. 

Solar Wolf Energy has over 25 years of combined experience in electrical, construction, roofing, and energy efficiency technology, ensuring residents of Yarmouth can look forward to reliable customer service and installations of superior quality. Solar Wolf Energy is proud to offer SunPower panels to the residents of Yarmouth at the most competitive rates on the market, thanks to a long-established strategic partnership between the local installer and the national manufacturer. Their ability to offer SunPower products for well below market rate is a unique opportunity for participants of the Yarmouth Solarize Plus campaign. SunPower is the best solar equipment manufacturer in the country, meaning Yarmouth homeowners will have access to the best energy production and monitoring equipment available, at a fraction of the standard price offering.

In addition to Solar Wolf Energy, the Yarmouth Solarize Plus team has selected South Shore Climate Control to be the air-source-heat pump installer. Air-source-heat pumps are energy efficient heating and cooling systems that can deliver one-and-a-half to three times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes by moving heat, instead of converting it from fuel like traditional combustion systems do. South Shore Climate Control brings more than 15 years of experience in HVAC, premier heating and cooling solutions, and attractive rebates for going green to Yarmouth residents.

Yarmouth residents can look forward to a virtual “Meet the Installer” event coming up on Earth Day, April 22 at 7 pm, where locals can get acquainted with the selected installers and start learning about how much money they can save on their electricity expenses by switching to solar and/or air-source-heat pumps.

Get all the up-to-date information on this exciting program at Solarize Yarmouth Home Page.

You can also direct questions to: solarize@yarmouth.ma.us or call 508-776-1914.

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