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Wolf Price, No Hassle: We're Knocking Out Competition with Our NEW Exclusive Pricing for Premium Solar!

Wolf Price, No Hassle: We're Knocking Out Competition with Our NEW Exclusive Pricing for Premium Solar!

We have been hinting at some exciting news for the past few weeks, and the day is finally here! Today, Solar Wolf Energy has an announcement that could change the face of our energy matrix forever… And both consumers and members of our industry will reap the rewards! 

Solar Wolf Energy is debuting new pricing to make solar a reality for anyone who wants it, because we know that the easier it is to go green, the more we all benefit. Investing in solar energy for your home is an invaluable way to strengthen your fiscal standing, and the most transparent, easy to understand cost breakdown makes the process simpler for everyone: both customers and salespeople.

Our goal is to revolutionize the solar industry by making it more affordable and stress-free than ever before to obtain the highest quality photovoltaics, while maintaining the utmost transparency between installers and customers.

We’re doing this by applying one standard rate to every customer, priced by the watt. No surprise fees or confusing pricing. No “sticker price” with hidden upcharges. Just one low price that includes all components of the system.

Our new “Wolf Price, No Hassle” program delivers homeowners the highest quality panels and system components on the market as our standard offering, with prices that take even generic panel brands out of the running. 

From now on, Solar Wolf Energy will be providing speedy and beautifully crafted residential solar installations with our best panels for an incredible $2.95 a watt! 

That’s correct - with Solar Wolf, you can have top-of-the-line photovoltaic modules installed on your property with no need for negotiation or comparison shopping. 

As the price of solar continues to drop, the technology is only getting better, and our strategic partnerships with trailblazers in photovoltaic engineering allow us to secure the most competitive pricing. We are proud to offer premium panel options that are leading the way in global energy innovation: SunPower Maxeon panels.

SunPower Maxeon modules are known to produce 45% more energy in their first year, and continue to power through the lifetime of the system for an impressive 60% more energy produced over 25 years compared to a standard panel. They are also solid black with no gridlines, which allows them to absorb more light.

With premium panel offerings that are truly cutting edge, and a price that takes even generic brand modules off the table, our goal is to serve every household that wants to go green with an exceptional solar transition experience. Our installation quality has been lauded as the best in the region for years, but now we can bring our outstanding workmanship to more families than ever before. By presenting one low price with no hassle, we can continue to work towards accomplishing our mission: 

To make Solar accessible to everyone, forge happy customers and leave our planet a better place. 

Whether you’re considering solar for your home, or you’re looking for a career with a company that is making groundbreaking strides in an already innovative industry, reach out to Solar Wolf Energy! Let’s achieve greatness together.

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