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Solar Wolf Energy's Black Panel Prestige Program Wows Homeowners

Solar Wolf Energy's Black Panel Prestige Program Wows Homeowners

BOSTON, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Solar Wolf Energy is thrilled to provide the nation's first 'Black Panel Prestige' program.

This is a seemingly simple process that has not been scaled in solar—until now. Solar Wolf will bring a rarely seen level of commitment of execution for installs to take solar to that next level. A unique advantage within the company, Solar Wolf has proud craftsmen that are not just skilled electricians and roofers, but the solar company also employs expert finish carpenters. With this asset, Solar Wolf is able to open interior and exterior walls to install concealed conduits that have traditionally been run outside the home from the roof to the basement or the lower exterior portion of the home. These normally are obvious and unsightly; but Solar Wolf has developed a system to do this with scale-ability in mind, allowing for their signature rapid installation with no mess. This Black Panel Prestige program will be available as an add-on option after January 1st in 2019.

"The Solar Wolf motto has always been to under-promise and over-deliver, but now we're taking that one step further," said Solar Wolf Energy Chairman and CEO Ted Strzelecki. "It's not enough to have your solar perform exceptionally well. The Black Panel Prestige program is our word that by choosing Solar Wolf Energy as your solar power provider, you did in fact make the best possible choice."

About Solar Wolf Energy:
Solar Wolf Energy is a nationwide solar energy installer with years of experience in construction planning, installment execution and energy and utility implementation, both residential & commercial. Focused on communication with the customer every step of the way, Solar Wolf Energy is dedicated to helping customers achieve optimal energy efficiency and financial independence.

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